Recognition of Prior Learning and Work Based Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning 

MTU recognises that learning takes place thoughout life and in many settings, such as work or voluntary activities, sporting and participation in community events. Recognition of Prior Learning relates to the formal academic recognition of learning that has taken place prior to registering on a course within MTU

Through our Recognition of Prior Learning process the learning that you have gained previously may be used:

  • To claim credit for a module on a course
  • To gain entry to a course
  • To gain a full award

There are two main types of learning:

  • Prior Formal Learning
  • Prior Experiential Learning

If you are interested in returning to education and getting academic recognition for learning gained at and through work, MTU may be able to help you.

More information on the Recognition of Prior Learning is available at


Work Based Learning 

Work Based Learning (WBL) relates to learning from a work place which could relate to a formal academic course.  In some instances the learning being acquired within the workplace is integrated into the formal content of the course. 

If you are interested in finding out more about work based learning and its use within MTU, contact or phone us at 021 4335133.


View Academic Policy Governing Recognition of Prior Learning, February 2019



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