Learning Clinics, Recognition of Prior Learning and Springboard +

28 November, 2023


Are you interested in exploring opportunities to upskill or reskill your employees in response to changing workplace needs or the global environment? Are you unsure of what courses are available through MTU which could be of relevance to your needs?

MTU is committed to providing courses relevant to industry and employees. MTU Extended Campus works with large and small companies to identify up-skilling and reskilling opportunities for employees through our Learning Clinics and Recognition of Prior Learning process.

Our Learning Clinic service is available to all enterprise partners interested in identifying MTU education and training opportunities for employees. Learning Clinics are available at a time and location convenient for your company with minimum disruption to your working day.



MTU experienced staff are available to meet with employees onsite, individually or in groups to identify learning and training needs. We are also available to discuss opportunities available through Springboard + funded courses for those within the workplace https://springboardcourses.ie/ .

MTU staff at the learning clinic can:

· Advise on course and learning opportunities at MTU.

· Explore relevant learning pathways for career development.

· Discuss Recognition of Prior Learning opportunities.


Recognition of Prior Learning

As part of the Learning Clinic there is an opportunity to discuss how the learning achieved through life and workplace training, but also through participation in sporting, voluntary or community activities could have relevance in gaining access to a course, to get an exemption for part of a course of study or to achieve a full academic award.

If you are interested in returning to education and getting academic recognition for learning achieved through work and other activities, MTU may be able to help you. Further details on learning clinics, Recognition of Prior Learning or Springboard + may be obtained from extended.campusCork@mtu.ie

MTU Extended Campus is dedicated to creating and supporting mutually beneficial relationships between MTU, enterprise, and community groups. We work with organisations to identify dynamic cross-sector engagement opportunities to advance learning, increase productivity and drive innovation.

We offer a variety of off the shelf course solutions to meet workplace needs and the personal skill development of employees. We also work with companies to develop customised courses in response to specific learning needs within organisations.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at extended.campusCork@mtu.ie

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