Special Purpose awards

Special purpose Awards

A special purpose award relates to a very specific area of study which addresses a gap in someone’s learning. It may equate to a number of modules which are grouped together for up-skilling or reskilling purposes. Special purpose or minor awards can be on all levels of the national framework of qualifications but do not equate to full awards on the national framework of qualifications.

There are a number of different types of awards which would fall into this category as outlined below;
• Minor award-types provide recognition for learners who achieve a range of learning outcomes, but not the specific combination of learning outcomes required for a major award. This recognition will have relevance in its own right. An example could be the completion of year one of an academic programme.

• Special-purpose award-types are made for specific, relatively narrow, purposes so may only equate to one or two modules of learning.

• Supplemental award-types are for learning which is additional to a previous award.
They could, for example, relate to updating and refreshing knowledge or skills, or to
continuing professional development. The idea is that one would already have a very substantial volume of learning done it is to enhance that learning or to update and existing skillset.

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